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E-Commerce, WordPress, and making the $$$s

at Do Space - Begins Thu., Oct. 24 @ 6:00PM

Agape Red Admin WP Omaha Content

Who We Are

WP Omaha is a volunteer-led organization focused on growing and educating the WordPress community in Omaha, Nebraska and its surrounding communities. Our members include a broad range of WordPress users: new and experienced developers, site owners, site administrators, designers, and more.

The diversity of our members inspired us to hold multiple WordPress Meetups each month, making it easy for anyone interested in advancing their WordPress skills to find a relevant topic and session. No matter your level of experience and expertise, there’s a WP Omaha Meetup for you...

Upcoming Workshops

2019 Workshop - Series 3 of 3: Learn PHP and Plugin/Theme Development this Fall

Enroll in entire series (3 evenings), or any individual evening(s)