[row]We have 3 different kinds of meetups every month[/row]

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This is for general WordPress users with little to know technical web knowledge. If you are a blogger, small business owner, or beginner web designer, this is the meetup for you.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

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This is for developers. We get into programming/coding themes, plugins, and any other custom WordPress functionality. At these we learn to push the boundaries of WordPress.

Skill Level: Intermediate To Advanced

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Open Help

This is for people that either need help or would like to help others with current projects or small problems/issues. There is strength in numbers. Bring your laptop & get connected with the community.

Skill Level: ANY




We use to do most of our event planning and scheduling. Please be sure to appropriately RSVP via If you decide last minute that you can not attend the meetup even though you confirmed an RSVP, please adjust your RSVP as sometimes we base food purchases on the RSVP number. We like to encourage as much interaction with the website as possible via the community


Time and Format

Admin and Dev (our 2 main ones) meetups generally begin around 6:30PM and last until around 8:30PM. There will always be an organizer present at every meeting to kick things off and lead discussions. The beginning of each meetup is a great chance to learn about the group and introduce yourself. All meetup discussions are open. Although there is usually a lead presenter scheduled, all productive questions and feedback are welcome throughout the talk. You are welcome to take photos or video. At the end of each meetup, we encourage attendees to network among each other or approach the speaker with questions.