HTML & CSS Workshops – Session 2




HTML / CSS Training Workshop


Course 2: March 19th, 2019


6Pm-9PM (3 hours each)


UNO Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center


This series is designed to give people an introduction into how modern web page layout and design is achieved through the use of HTML5 and CSS3. Participants will be taken from introductory concepts all the way to fairly advanced and modern concepts. All of these topics will be presented within the scope of usage within WordPress, however, most of the concepts discussed will be universal and can be applied to web design outside of WordPress.

Enrollment in this series grants you access to all three courses. However, it is not required to enroll in all three. If you would like to attend any individual course, you can enroll individually ( a la cart ) by simply adding which courses you would like to attend to your cart instead of this series.

Here is a rough breakdown of the concepts that will be covered and learned (but not necessarily in this order).

  • Basic HTML
    • Layout –
      • Divs vs Tables vs <any>
      • Lists
      • Creating Columns
      • Nesting Elements
    • Forms
      • Inputs
      • Selects
      • Values
      • Understanding Form Submission
  • Basic CSS
    • Targeting Elements
    • Classes vs. IDs
    • Common CSS rules
      • Layout
      • Formatting
    • Specificity and Hierarchy
      • Overwriting CSS in specific situations
  • Using Child Themes
    • Creating (if you don’t have one already)
    • Understanding the architecture
      • Archives
      • Pages
      • Post-singles
    • Page Templates
      • How WP identifies them
      • How to import HTML templates
  • Enqueueing Stylesheets
  • Using the Text Tab
  • Responsive Design
    • Media Queries
    • Flexbox
    • Grid
  • Animation with CSS3


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