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PHP/Plugin Development Workshop – Session 2




PHP/Plugin Development Training Workshop


Course 1: Oct 23rd, 2018


6Pm-9PM (3 hours each)


UNO Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center


We will start off with the basics of PHP and understanding server-side development. From there, much of the course will be focused on how to write clean and reusable code that can be used in any WordPress site in either a theme or a custom plugin. We will learn the fundamentals of writing plugins for one-off situations and for deployment to any WP site. We will also take a deep dive into all of the most powerful pieces of WordPress core and learn how to manipulate them as we see fit. We will also look at not only working with 3rd-party APIs, but also extending the WP REST API itself to create our own endpoints. 

Required upon arrival:

  • A laptop
  • a local development environment set up, or access to a remote environment (We recommend using Local by Flywheel for local development)
  • A fresh install of WordPress on the previously stated environment
  • a code editor (IDE) of some kind to be installed (PHPStorm – recommended, Sublime Text, Dreamweaver, VS Code, or other

All of these topics will be presented within the scope of usage within WordPress, however, most of the concepts discussed will be universal and can be applied to web design outside of WordPress.

Prerequisite knowledge: HTML, Fundamental WordPress Admin knowledge

Enrollment in this series grants you access to all three courses. However, it is not required to enroll in all three. If you would like to attend any individual course, you can enroll individually ( a la cart ) by simply adding which courses you would like to attend to your cart instead of this series.

Here is a rough breakdown of the concepts that will be covered and learned (but not necessarily in this order).

      • PHP Basics
        • Variables/Globals
        • Includes
        • Writing Functions/Methods
          • Arguments and Returns
          • Reusable Code
        • Arrays and Objects
        • Loops/Iterating
      • PHP vs HTML
        • Server vs Client
        • Opening and Closing PHP
      • WP Plugin Structure
      • Creating a custom shortcode
      • Using WordPress Hooks
        • Actions
        • Filters
      • Understanding Object Oriented Programming
        • The logic of objects
        • Classes, Methods, Properties
        • Public vs Private vs Protected
      • Storing Data
        • Accessing MetaData
          • Get/Update/Create
          • User_meta/Post_meta
        • WP Options
        • WP Transients
      • Common WP Classes
        • WP_Post
        • WPDB
        • WP_Query
      • Creating a custom widget
      • Working with APIs
        • Server-side requests with WP
        • Working with the WP API


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